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  • Understand your own communication. style.

  • Learn what healthy communication looks and feels like

  • Understanding and dealing toxic people

About Lisa McAdams

Do you know how to deal with the toxic people in your life? Lisa McAdams is a survivor of toxic abuse both in her childhood growing up in England and in her marriage, toxic abuse was her first language. In 2015 Lisa founded Safe Space Workplace (SSW), a successful company that teaches workplaces to understand the language and behaviour of toxic abuse, support customers and staff impacted by Domestic and Family Abuse. The toxic behaviours and language abusers use in the home are the same toxic behaviour and language bullies use in the workplace. Which is what led Lisa to create The Courageous Communicator Course, toxic language and behaviours are something Lisa has been learning since birth and she has put what she has learned in her childhood, her toxic marriage, in her corporate career, and fifteen years of learning and healing into this course. It is Lisa’s passion to share her knowledge and empower people and even the playing field when it comes to dealing with toxic people.

The Courageous Communicator Course

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Lisa McAdams in the Media

Lisa's Clients

Lisa has worked with some of the world's top companies sharing her knowledge of Narcissistic Behaviours

What Lisa's Clients Say

The Courageous Communicator Student

Jo Balmforth

If you have found yourself in a toxic relationship at work, recently or in the past – I highly recommend the program The Courageous Communicator, run by Lisa McAdams. After leaving a toxic workplace without a new job to go to I struggled to understand what happened, and how I would move forward. Prior to this experience, I believed myself considerate of others, resilient, creative, assertive, and strategic-minded. This had allowed me to establish myself professionally and supported good working relationships – even in high-pressure environments. This experience was so confusing however, it eroded my confidence, I distanced myself from family and friends and was struggling to make sense of anything that had occurred. This was completely abnormal for me. It was by chance I found Lisa, and I am grateful I did. The program was expertly facilitated. It allowed me to step back and look at the experience from an outside and rational perspective – as well as provided space to examine and validate my feelings. I have completed the program with an understanding of recognising the toxic relationship I was in - and have developed skills for how I can handle this, should it happen again. Absolutely I wish I had found Lisa prior to finding myself unemployed – but I now have my confidence restored, and importantly; I feel balanced and ready for the new role I am about to start.

Two Good Co

Rob Caslick

"I've never heard anyone better articulate the cause, effect and resolution of domestic violence and bullying in the workplace. Lisa's ability to communicate in an engaging manner what is going on and how to best support someone has been invaluable."

QLD Women's Legal Services

Rebecca Wildermunth

Lisa’s natural communicating ability helped to make the sometimes-abstract concept of financial abuse and domestic violence real for our audience of government and business leaders. Lisa’s down-to-earth yet professional communications style enabled her to connect with the audience while discussing a sometimes-confronting topic.